Posted by: Martin Douglas Hendry | January 7, 2010

To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question.

thumbs up; but why hasn't anyone taken him from lisbon already?

thumbs up?

Over the past couple of days the name Miguel Veloso has come up. This isn’t a name that we’re unaware of, as every single transfer window it would seem that he’s unable to escape speculation on his future. Being a club that is perennially linked to around half of the players on the market at any given time its safe to say that he’s known as one of the better players that could be available to us. The fact is that it’s widely known the the Sandro transfer has a little more to it than meets the eye, and to bring the talented young brazilian to the club, we would have to gain a special dispensation for a work permit to be issued. It’s arguable that Veloso is being looked at as a possible replacement target, should we be looking to maintain pressure in the next half of the season.

He’s certainly a talented player; but the question begs to be asked, why hasn’t anyone tried to take him away from Lisbon thus far if he’s so highly rated and all the big clubs seem to be linked to him every window? This curiosity may be piqued by the fact that at the match below, where upon Veloso scored himself a cracker from long range, (could teach Tom a thing or two), scouting representatives from our lovely club were casting an eye over him. Personally I’d never be a fan of this club settling for second best, and Veloso is renowned a little for having somewhat of a petulant attitude, though it’s fair to say that we’re certainly looking at the possibility of strengthening the squad should the opportunity become available for us.

Though in terms of Dejan Lovren, word on the street is that Lyon are forcing our hand somewhat in relation to pushing forward and signing him this window. Dejan is widely regarded as a target that we would have been looking to bring to the club in the summer transfer window, but with two bids received recently for him by ourselves and Lyon, it is being said that Lyon’s strong interest sent a shockwave through the club and allowed a move to be sanctioned. Rumours in the continental press suggest that our reputation and relationship with Dinamo Zagreb could result in a move for the talented 20 year old stopper in the near future.

Whilst these moves may not see the light of day, there is factual interest in both these players and as such, it’s comforting to see that we’re really looking to bring in the right players for the club if we can manage it. It also beggars belief that the previous recruitment policy was so vastly flawed. Looks like there may be the possibility of fresh faces at the lane this February after all.


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