Posted by: Martin Douglas Hendry | January 8, 2010

Liverpool’s A Frightful Mess

does rafa wants to make sure that adam sandler can play against us?

It’s a conspiracy! The voice of a thousand Spurs fans around the country shout at once at the news that Liverpool are moving to postpone Sunday’s game because there’s a bit of snow around the ground. Whilst it’s not necessarily the fact that if we had beat them they’d pretty much be done like a Christmas turkey; there’s also the fact that the arrival of Maxi Rodriguez is imminent at Anfield, but maybe not quite in time for the showdown.

Personally I think this move could be being played simply to give Rafa a bit of time to secure a few settled signings in the club before the fans jump on his back for losing to an upwardly mobile team infront of their beloved kop end. It’s safe to say that a (more likely than ever) win at Anfield on Sunday would result in a fair amount of speculation on Liverpool and Benitez’ immediate future. Might be a bit of a bad move for Liverpool, with Lennon then able to prospectively run at Fabio Aurelio in the rearranged fixture. Be careful what you wish for… A nice photo finish to the season for us too.

Or maybe there’s just too much snow.

In other news, should the game be called off; Harry will have a bit more time to collect his thoughts after watching Victor Moses play on Saturday, as he’s widely believed to be making an appearance to cast his eye over the young English prospect.


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