Posted by: Martin Douglas Hendry | January 13, 2010

Some Bedtime Stories.


It’s not really in the prerogative of the blogger to attempt to put his readers to sleep; but realistically speaking, another report on the progress of the transfer deal for Sandro Ranieri Guimares Cordeiro is just the ticket. As far as reports are concerned we’re still trying to wangle out some details in relation to the fee; (The fact that he’s partly owned by a third party is probably the sticky wicket there), and following that a work permit application par excellance. This in particular is going to be issue as only one senior cap for Brazil means that we’d have to get a special dispensation under ‘exceptional talent’ to manage to bring the player to the club.

After all that prospective paper work is completely tied up we’ll have to have a look to make sure he’s all he’s made out to be, which of course is the greatest risk of them all. The words Lucas Leiva are enough to cause contagious vomiting in the Merseyside area of Britain, and this is something we should be wary of. For the most part though the player seems to have a certain amount of ability that could be of use to us, and as such shouldn’t really end up as another Utaka.

Oh yeah; and the Dejan Lovren deal that was ‘sealed’ to Lyon has stalled as another European club have reportedly come in for his services, if it’s us we’re probably waiting to sell before we buy, so both of these will probably roll on for a bit. Try and ignore it until they pop up onto the official site; as it’s enough to make your mind melt. Once again though; the reiteration that we are in for these players with official movements, along with our various reported scouting trips seems like we’re aiming for solid improvements to the squad where possible. Which is nice.

The Liverpool game is also rescheduled to the 20th, so after the Hull and Leeds games it looks like we’ll have a chance to take it to them at their place. Lennon might even be back by then; apparently Maxi Rodriguez is having is medical today though; so his input will probably be evident by then too. A nice couple of wins before then would set the tone for a showdown.

update: Dejan Lovren looks like he’s about to be unveiled at Lyon; and reports in Brazil suggest that reports here are erroneous relating to Sandro. World keeps turning.


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