Posted by: Martin Douglas Hendry | January 14, 2010

Harry Charged For Tax Stuff

'i didn't do nuffink'

'i didn't do nuffink'

Oh dear, news has come out today that Harry has been officially charged on two seperate counts of tax evasion. These claims are pretty scadalous to be honest and will not do us any favours from opposition crowds in the following weeks. His solicitor has come out to say that Harry has cooperated with the investigation wholly and is confident that will be a positive outcome.

Whilst this was essentially something that was always going to happen, (infact it might have been more suspicious if the charges hadn’t been officially announced.) The most important thing is that despite the accusations around him we all get behind Harry as he is the best thing to happen to the club in recent years. Naturally, if the opposition get on his back we might find this unfortunate news affecting the current success of the club.

Strange that Tottenham have in the past two years become a club that has decended into scandal, I guess that this is the wilderness before we find ourselves in the promised land.

More info as and when I get it.

In other news Torres and Gerrard will be out for the tie on the 20th as they managed to do themselves some damage in the loss to Reading last night.

Swings and roundabouts.

(PS: Any posts that pop-up without a picture have been posted from my phone and will be smartened up in the near future after publishing; this is just so I get the news to you as soon as I’ve heard it.)


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