Posted by: Martin Douglas Hendry | January 16, 2010

Spurs Frustrated at the Lane: Myhill’s Eye of the Tiger

inspired performance by the welshman denies spurs

Before the game I didn’t consider that Myhill would offer us too many problems; but he managed to single-handedly take a point back north for his club  after an amazing performance denied our players of a single goal. Simply put this will be seen as one of the shut outs of the season as chance after chance was saved; including two double saves.

Games like this leave me conflicted somewhat; as it’s safe to say that there wasn’t really much more that we could have done considering the circumstances apart from make more chances. The absence of Lennon however created a narrow game that was frustrating to watch in the first half; but allowed alot of pressure to be exerted on the Tigers in the second half, alas to no avail.

Bale played fairly well at left back in Assou-Ekotto’s absence, and offered plenty of threat running forward at the opposition defence, his concentration perhaps needed improvement however as he found the ball slip off his feet a few times in advances positions. Conversely Huddlestone had a bit of a mixed game often passing the ball straight to the opposition and leaving his team mates exposed. The next two games will definitely give us a better indication of where we are.

Fingers crossed that Manchester City won’t pull away from us now; as they gain confidence from a series of strong results under Mancini. There are plenty of games left to play.



  1. City got whipped by Everton. Tim Howard shut em out. Still a tie better than a loss. Spurs needed a win. Myhill was hot in the net. This happens sometimes when keeper plays lights out. This may have cost Spurs dearly in the title race. Remember the top teams have trouble winning on the road.

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