Posted by: Martin Douglas Hendry | January 16, 2010

They’re (Not So) Grrrreat

tony is optimistic, but hull fans shouldn't be.

Todays match against Hull signals the first game in 5 that take place in the next couple of weeks, that will undoubtedly shape our season. As such there is a need for consistent performances and a distinct focus on the task at hand. Not that there’s a lot to distract us! As previously said, opposition fans might find themselves getting on Harry’s back for want of a better thing to do when we’re dominating the game, and this is certainly something that we should prepare ourselves for.

Team news suggests that we wont be seeing the likes of Hutton, King, Woodgate, Assou-Ekotto, or Lennon today, and that the team should take shape around these notable absences. Hull are a team that tend to find themselves playing quite an expansive game and this won’t do them any favours against us, a team that thrive with space to play in. This is the reason why we struggle to make chances pay against teams like Birmingham and Fulham, as they don’t afford us the space to play our specific style of football.

Once again the combinations that come out of Modric and Kranjcar’s cooperation with the front men will allow Tom and Wilson to relax somewhat and stick to their position as anchors in the centre of the pitch, and that presence s something that we’ll certainly need to neutralise the likes of Olifinjana. Stephen Hunt is also someone that we’ll have to keep an eye on as he is a player that always gives 110% of is commitment at any given moment and this is something that could sting us a bit if we’re not careful.

For the most part, recent history suggests this will be a nice one to watch, and a good warm up for Leeds and Liverpool, games that are now the bread and butter of our campaigns.


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