Posted by: Martin Douglas Hendry | January 18, 2010

Race For Ben Foster Heats Up

safe hands?

Today it has come to light that we have had a bid rejected for Manchester United shotstopper Ben Foster. Whilst this is certainly one of the more prudent moves that has been mooted this window, completion of the move would cast into speculation the respective futures of our current keepers.

Whilst it can be said that following his accident Cudicini would arguably not see his performances reach their previous heights; the fact that he seriously injured himself through a dangerous activity, (riding a bike would have been explicity forbidden in a professional contract), could see him exit the club at the end of the season for contravening his contract. Whilst this would be a bit harsh, it is something that is in every contract and as such suggests some what of a blasé attitude on Carlo’s part.

Secondly, (and arguably more worryingly), is the suggetion that this move could be in preperation for the departure of Gomes ‘the Octopus’. Speculatively, Ben Foster would only really make a move to the Lane, should he have some reassurences that he would be likely to gain a starting berth in the side. When Gomes joined us he explicitly stated that he would return to PSV and certainly, who could blame him with the legendary status and support he receives there? If Harry is aware of this and Gomes sticks to his word and leaves near the end of his contract, then this move would certainly make sense in preperation for continuing a strong English spine to our team in future years.

Whilst this speculation is mostly theoretical and certainly there are more possibilities; the facts are that Ben is a good keeper, and with a strong starting berth could certainly develop further with us.

The move would make a lot of sense leading into the second half of the season, and an injury to Gomes, (known for throwing hinself into the breach), would be disasterous at this stage. The mystery is now whether we’ll up our bid, or look at alternatives.


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