Posted by: Martin Douglas Hendry | January 19, 2010

Van Nistelrooy? It Would Be Ruud Not To.

ruud winging his way to london?

Harry’s done well to avoid the negative press this week, and has found some solace in fine dining. Rather than simply heading to KFC with Dan as is the usual ritual, our ‘Arry was spotted wining and dining with a certain Van Nistelrooy’s agent.

Following that news yesterday Harry has furthermore elaborated that he would be happy to take the dutchman away from Madrid ‘for the right price’.

Naturally this move hinges completely on the mooted departure of Pavlyuchenko who rejected a move to Zenit due to club loyalties in the past week.

Vernacular aside the combination of Van Nistelrooy and Defoe infront of our midfield is something that all Spurs fans would agree as an amazing prospect. On top of that, the dutch marksman despite recent injury is showing no departure from his previous ability, and would arguably settle and begin scoring much faster than his Russian counterpart.

Allegedly, there was some speculation to suggest that he would be ready to play before tommorow’s game at Anfield, whilst this is a bit of a stretch now, don’t be surprised if we see him in the lilywhite sooner rather than later.



  1. 33, £100,00 a week, played 7 times in two seasons due to recurring serious knee problems.
    If its up to Mr. Levy its not going to happen and I think I agree with him.
    Once great striker who has nothing to offer us except huge expectation and deep disappointment.

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